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The changes are underway globally, causing the banks to toughen their customer and customer operations policies. Therefore, solutions intended for immediate results or temporary measures are no longer effective, and do not yield sustainable long-term results.

Why is it happening?

Today, bank regulators across the world scrutinize banking operations of non-residents. Financial institutions that serve non-residents receive warnings and get penalized. This compels them to review and change their internal policies, and to carry out a tough reorganization. This is done really fast.

All over the globe, governments aggressively combat money laundering, thus putting additional pressure on financial regulators. Financial institutions are forced to further toughen their KYC procedures, apply tighter restrictions to business and operations with third-party high-risk countries (this particularly concerns consumers from Eastern Europe). Globally approved measures to increase transparency are toughening accordingly.

Entities originating from the CIS countries face real challenges as they operate in an ever-changing landscape. Given that, they have to keep abreast of all regulatory changes in the countries in which they do or plan to do business. It takes much effort to monitor amendments and novelties, and even more to comply with them.

The world is changing, and getting more transparent, with requirements becoming more stringent

Many jurisdictions used to be attractive but are not any more. Accounts are closed. New accounts are opened in what seems to be ‘safe harbors’; yet, the story repeats itself after a short while.

Is all really that bad? Is there a solution?

There actually is a long-term solution.


We want to ensure the business that you have been building for years and that you treat with the same care as of your child, will endure and perform successfully.


Together, we will make a thorough analysis of your company, its history, and its needs.


We know how banks work. We know what future a company owner has in mind for its business. We can help you change so that you can open accounts with reliable banks.


We do not sell accounts, we provide facilitation services for our clients to access foreign banking. In other words, we offer a rational approach to preparing business for banking with foreign institutions.


As part of our facilitation services, we help select a bank, prepare the documents required, pass the compliance procedure, and activate the account.

Why we?

Indeed, why are we a better choice? The market is full of companies that open accounts and provide certain services. Below are three major reasons:

1. We focus on long-term results. We aim to establish partner relations between Ukrainian business and international banks. We build all our recommendations and solutions on sustainable development of your business.

We cooperate with 80 reliable banks that represent 30 jurisdictions around the globe. Our team are timely notified of all changes in global banking, with updates coming from different banking institutions. We factor this information in every single case, while considering your company's specific needs and environment.

We speak the same language with banks. Our skills of effective negotiation are of great help at most challenging client cases.

Countries in which we help open accounts

Hungary Bulgaria

Liechtenstein Croatia Lithuania Serbia

Singapore Great Britain Georgia Montenegro

Andorra USA Cyprus Macedonia Poland

Austria Switzerland Luxembourg Latvia

Spain United Arab Emirates

As part of our facilitation services, we help select a bank, prepare the documents required, pass the compliance procedure, and activate the account.

To select a bank, we:

Check our client's needs and requirements against a bank's interests and needs, then select a bank based on the customer's profile /p>

Assist with obtaining a prior bank's confirmation of the possibility to open accounts

To prepare documentation and information, we:

Provide you with a list of documents and information requested by the selected bank

Help to prepare information and documents for passing the compliance procedure

Support through the entire procedure of identification of the customer and its representatives by the bank

Communicate with the bank on your behalf to address any issues related to the account opening procedure

To pass the compliance procedure, we:

Together with you, prepare answers to compliance questions that arise while a customer is being checked

To help activate the account, we:

Arrange for obtaining electronic means of managing the account after its activation

Why do business owners choose us?

  • 01

    We are always up to date with the recent changes in banking policies in different jurisdictions

  • 03

    We can act as our client's management through the entire procedure of opening a bank account

  • 02

    We know which bank would better meet the needs of a particular customer, considering the one-stop functionality and business's requirements

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Наталія Ульянова

Партнер податково-юридичного департаменту «Делойт» в Україні, керівник практики комплексних трансформацій бізнесу. Наталія є носієм 16-річної експертизи у сфері міжнародного оподаткування, міжнародного структурування, захисту активів та супроводження інвестиційних угод. Наталія визнаний експерт у сфері реформи оподаткування та є частим спікером конференцій і автором статей.

Катерина Грабовик

Старший менеджер податково-юридичного департаменту «Делойт» в Україні. Володіє більш ніж 9-річним досвідом юридичної практики в Україні, консультує українських та міжнародних клієнтів з питань міжнародного податкового планування, структурування міжнародних бізнес-операцій, реалізації IT-проектів, а також захисту прав інтелектуальної власності.

Віра Савва

Менеджер податково-юридичного департаменту «Делойт» в Україні, фахівець з питань взаємодії з іноземними банками. Супроводжує процедуру відкриття банківських рахунків. Консультує в сфері валютного законодавства України, AML/CFT стандартів, а також в сфері міжнародного податкового планування.

Наталія Кронік

Менеджер податково-юридичного департаменту «Делойт» в Україні, фахівець з більш ніж шестирічним досвідом в консультуванні бізнесу в Україні, включаючи аспекти корпоративного та податкового структурування та захисту активів. Компетенції включають M&A, Due diligence, а також корпоративне і податкове право, захист активів і право інтелектуальної власності.


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