Level UP Ukraine is a unique Ecosystem for creating an environment where commerce, government and society agree to partnership, sharing of opportunities, and interacting to empower each other.
Level UP Ukraine considers the interests of all collaborating participants and facilitates the development of long lasting business relationships.
Integrates experience of many into a singular effort and workable environment.
Level UP Ukraine is a place for sharing opportunities.


Level UP Ukraine Level UP Ukraine
exists for the partnership of business, government and society that leads to real action in Ukraine.
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Balance of interests
Exchange of abilities
Sustainable development


Una Partners

Tax & Business Advisory. UNA//PARTNERS provide tax and business consulting services. The company creates integrated personalized business solutions that scaled. The uniqueness is that UNA//PARTNERS accompanies the implementation of the solution and shares the responsibility for the result with the client, has 17 years of experience and proven partners in more than 160 countries.

Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine

Non-profit and non-political all-Ukrainian public organization whose main mission is to ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of its members and improve the business climate in the country. For more than 20 years, the Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine has been representing and protecting the interests of small, medium and large businesses in all key sectors of the economy throughout Ukraine it influences the legislative processes in Ukraine and the implementation of state policy in the tax, customs and budget spheres,and also advocates liberalization of the tax system and the promotion of key economic reforms.

Reviews Reviews

Igor Dalychuk
President, SBK
Last year I attended this event. What can I say: productive, it was especially interesting to talk with like-minded people, to discuss the expectations of the Ukrainian business from tax reform. This year I expect even more benefits and relevant information, besides, the organizers promise to touch on the issue of the impact of global trends on Ukraine, now this is not only talked about by the lazy, but indeed there is no information 'on the case'.
Serhii Babur
Managing Partner, Profi-T Active
Level UP Ukraine is a must-see business event in the fall. Every year I receive important information that I apply in my work. In 2018, I was particularly interested in the Transformation session: Industries. In panel discussions, representatives from different fields expressed their views on transformational perturbations in industries and explained their impact on economic performance. I plan to be next year.
Andrey Panchak
Head of Legal Function, Ferrero Ukraine
I do not like useless events, hung with tinsel of profit, success and motivation. So last year, with a scepticism, I visited the LevelUP business forum. What I liked. Representatives of the government, Ukrainian and foreign business were present, I managed to establish useful contacts and find partners with whom I work with till nowadays
Serhii Verenkiotov
CEO and founder, «Ukrainian grain trading company»
For me Level UP Ukraine is a quality networking. In the last forum, during informal communication, I found a partner to enter a new market. This seems to be the best measure of the quality and need of the event. Thank you to the organizers.